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The Issue

When you are remodelling a home there are many factors to consider. What part of my home should I start with first – the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room. Is it a question of adding value or are you just tired of the way one room looks or functions?

Another major issue is the budget. Do I use my available funds or do I refinance to have a more extensive remodeling completed?

Who can I trust? Which home remodeling contractor has the best reputation, is reliable and will provide quality workmanship? Are these home builders affordable?


Where to Begin

When remodelling your home you need to decide your purpose first. Are you just about to sell it? Then look for the most outdated section to start with first. Check out what type of upgrades are available in the homes in your area. If every home that is for sale has granite counter tops, you probably want to upgrade your kitchen to that same standard.

But if you have decided your home will be yours for at least the next few years, start with renovating the area that displeases you the most.

Who to Trust

Look for a general contractor from your local area. Often you will get the best service from these businesses as they know that you will help them build their reputation in that area. In addition they will be available when you need them. You can ask your acquaintances for recommendations, search the internet or look through ads in papers or magazines. And then check out the renovation contractors for a number of factors. Have they been in business for some time. Do they offer a guarantee? Do they have any awards or a Better Business rating? Is there a designer on staff?

Look through the websites of the contractors to gather some ideas that might fit in your space. Who offers remodeling schemes that fit your vision?

Design Ideas that Add Value

Select a firm that offers to design and engineer solutions for you. It is likely that you are not up to date on products that are available, materials that are durable or even remodeling ideas that are possible. And that is why you need a designer.

To prepare yourself for this task you need to determine what is important and what needs you have. Let’s start with a kitchen for example. Do you have two cooks in the kitchen at one time? Most likely you need two sinks then. Do you do a lot of entertaining? You will need extra storage space in the most efficient cupboard system possible. Have you outgrown the space in your kitchen? You may want to knock out a wall and make it bigger. For that you will need drawing that have been engineered and will pass code. A professional team will take care of all those aspects.

Or perhaps you are looking for a much smaller project. A designer is invaluable as well. Maybe your objective is to change one of the bedrooms into an office. The designer will have solutions you haven’t even considered. Their expertise will guide you to the best possible solution. Maybe that means installing a Murphy bed in the new office and then it can be easily switched to accommodate overnight guests. Your needs will determine the design.

In the end, you can think back to your first conception of what you thought the kitchen would look like and compare it to the finished project. Guaranteed you will be amazed by the suggestions from the professional firm that have transformed the ordinary into the spectacular room that now exists in your home.


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