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Essentials for Condo Renovation in Miami

You have a gorgeous condo in Miami, you may have been the owner for a while or you may have just acquired the property. Either way, you feel it is in need of some renovation. Once you have decided to make the leap, there are some essentials that you should think about before making a start:


Budget: When deciding on a budget, you need to take into account the look and finish you are after. The more-high end and top quality you are after the more money you will need to put into your budget. Bear in mind the extent of your renovation and whether key rooms will be included such as bathrooms and kitchens.


Contractors: Be sure to appoint the right contractor for the job, you should be looking for residential contractors as opposed to commercial renovation contractors who deal only with commercial builds. Word of mouth and past reviews are key, if you looking at a condo renovation in Hallandale, for example, do some research into good quality contractors in that area. Alternatively, if you are looking at condo renovation in Bal Harbour, focus your research in that area. Many companies claim to offer the real deal but you really do need some examples of previous construction work in order to make your own decision as to whether they are right for you and your project.


Good quality products and finish: Perhaps your condo is in need of a kitchen upgrading in Miami Beach, if so you don’t just want a standard kitchen. You are going to want good quality materials and finish, in keeping with the condo surroundings, and that accentuate the space. Think of luxurious materials such as granite, or the use of glass to create a feeling of space. These elements really are key to create that perfect look.


Timings: We all know that time is money. When working on a high-end condo renovation you will want to ensure everything is ticking along like clockwork. Quite often the essential element of timing ties in quite deeply with appointing a good contractor, as mentioned before. You will want to ensure that certain trades are brought into the project at the correct time and there is no unnecessary cross-over, resulted in wasted money.


Communication: Most people immediately think that communication is key when dealing with contractors and suppliers, which it most definitely is. The element that most forget about though is communication with others in your neighborhood or community. If you have many workers on site wandering around, or perhaps a particular element of the project that will be very noisy, then let everybody know in order to relieve any tension that might end up occurring. Plus, for putting up with the work and noise element, neighbors will be really looking forward to that housewarming party, not only will they feel like part of your celebration, but everybody likes being nosey and being the first to comment on your fabulous renovation work.