Things You Need to Know About Kitchen Remodeling Part 3

Kitchen Remodeling: An Epic Breakdown Part 3

In the last two parts of this blog series, we have given you tips and tricks on how to save during your kitchen remodel. We have discussed how you should keep your original kitchen layout and opt for factory-made cabinets. In this final blog of the series, we are going to talk about what type of cabinetry you need; specifically, how to optimize the space in your kitchen.

Cabinets are like people: none are the same.

Cabinets are very diverse and can incorporate different colors and textures. It is your decision what cabinets you want to go with, however, you must know that all cabinets will give your kitchen a different look. For instance, brown or tan cabinets will make your kitchen seem warmer, while blue and white tones will make your kitchen appear colder. When designing the look of your kitchen is important to remember that white cabinets, though beautiful, do not stay white for long. After heavy use, the white color can fade and easily become stained by food or dust in the kitchen.

Optimize the storage in your kitchen.

Half-moon Lazy Susans are a great method to optimize your kitchen space. Kitchens require many “tools” that need a lot of space. Even a spacious kitchen may not be enough to house all of the pots and pans you need to successfully cook a meal. Because of this, you can incorporate unique cabinets that will help store your major cooking items.

One of the greatest features of a Lazy Susan is that it can appear like a regular cabinet, but be able to house many different items on its swiveled-layers. A Lazy Susan is also an easy way to display all of your items in an easy way, instead of digging through a regular cabinet. When you try to grab a pot from a cabinet, there is a greater chance that you crash your desired pot against a pan and damage both items. With a specialized storage method, you won’t be at risk of damaging any of your kitchen items.

Another benefit to having Lazy Susan storage units in your kitchen is that they are the most affordable kitchen storage options. Compared to other cabinet storage methods, the lazy Susan is half to a third of the price. For instance, most Lazy Susans, with a two-shelf design, start at $235. Other methods, such as double-sliding shelves are around $660. Pull out shelves are the most expensive option, at $790; this option is the most convenient and looks the best, however, you have to determine if you are willing to spend that kind of money on your kitchen cabinets.

Pull out drawers can be a good investment.

If you aren’t interested in spending that much money on your cabinetry, perhaps you would want to invest in storage drawers. Drawers are an excellent storage choice for your kitchen, as they save space in your kitchen. This type of storage method is more useful when storing large kitchen items and is a more ergonomic choice than other options, such as roll-out trays.

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